tirsdag den 29. september 2015

Thoughts from the café

I am on a favorite cafe enjoying a café latte with sugar free vanilla syrup. 
And while sipping my coffee, I love to watch people pass by the Windows.
The café is based on the corner of a crossroad downtown Aarhus so there are many people.

Young people, old people. People of all shapes and colors. People talking to each other, to someone in the phone or them selves. People looking happy, sad or just plain busy.

As I am sitting here I can't help by imagining what some of the people are doing for a living, or where they are going. How they are feeling. What means most to them and are they satisfied in life. Are they feeling lonely even though they have friends and are surrounded by people.

I know that's a fact that were true for my own life. I was surrounded by people, but still feeling lonely. I experienced that the Love of God was what changed me, so I could see the truth. 
I wasn't lonely, it was feelings of loneliness. Feelings aren't always true - as a matter of fact they often lie. 

Today - whether you are sad, happy, lonely or with a lot of friends : smile! And find one or two people that you can do something good for. And see how the happiness will spread. 

Love, Abigail

onsdag den 19. marts 2014


So I was attending DANSIC, which is a conference about social entrepreneurship and social innovation. As a present we received a water-bottle from the new company: ReTap.

This is my new favorite thing! No, actually I have many favorite things, but this is definitely on the top-10 list :-)
It is so practical and handy - and best of all it can be washed in the dishwasher so it won't be a playground for bacterias! 

One of the other reasons that it is one of my favorite things is that it keeps me hydrated! When I am really busy I forget to drink and then I end up crashing in my head because of dehydration.
But when I have this bottle something happens to me, so I just feel like drinking the water! 

Am so happy, and will encourage all out there to get one of these!!

Check out the website to see where you can get one of them: http://www.retap.dk/

onsdag den 4. december 2013

Lchf-liqourice-cookies and update

Hey guys!
So, I am still here and right now I am finishing my bachelor-thesis.
A lot of things has happend since my last blog.
25/10 I had a fall from my bike, I fell down with my face first and it was bleeding hard. So an ambulance came to pick me up, I was walking to it though because I wasn't unconscious af any time. I got a pretty deep wound on my chin, got 8 stitches, including wounds on my nose, on my forehead and on my hands.
 I know it's quite dark , but I guess it is easy to see the damage!
But praise God He gave me a quick recovery! 
This is approx 1 week after the accident! 

And then I have been busy with my bachelor-thesis and tomorrow I should be done with my part of the assignment!

So anyways - back to the headline: LCHF-cookies without eggs and gluten
Approx 10 roasted hazelnuts
Approx 50 g coconut-flour
Baking powder
Licorice powder
3 tbsp Whipped cream

So the hazelnuts and the coconut flour I blended to make it "powderish". Then I added the sweetener, the baking powder, the licorice powder and mixed it together. Then at last I added the whipped cream.
I stirred it together and it appeared to be a good dough.
So I placed 9 small scoops on a baking plate and turned the oven to 145 degrees Celsius, in approx 15 minutes.

This is the final result!
They are cookies, but they kind of fall apart when I chew them. I think I should add some butter next time..

Easy to make, easy to bake and too easy to eat! 
Next time I will bake them with cinnamon instead of licorice.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think :)

tirsdag den 22. oktober 2013

Second Day on LCHF and re-exam in law

Well, as the headline states this is my second day on the lifestyle called LCHF..
I am so surprised to realize how good I feel having been without sugar, starch and gluten for almost two days now. Sugar is really a sweet poison!
It's amazing to be on a diet where I am allowed to drink a big cup of coffee with a lot of whipped cream in it, and greasy egg and cheese.

I had a surprisingly good coffeedrink today that I want to share with you. It sounds wired, it sound like something you normally wouldn't think of together with coffee - but I tell you it's good! 
I had been checking out various LCHF-blogs and came across the egg-latte that basically consists of coffee, one egg, a tablespoon of oil and additionally sweetener and spices. Blend it all together - and boom ! You have a latte-looking coffee without milk! It's delicious. 

As the headline also states I have my oral re-exam in law tomorrow - I feel the butterflies in my stomach but I have a good feeling about it.
I will be talking about adults with specific social problems, and I have chosen to focus on homeless people with an addiction. I am looking forward to this since this is one of my favorite subject in relation to social work. I really believe that God has helped me in the process of preparing!

I have been trying to get ready for the exam by choosing the clothes for tomorrow already now (and again Flylady have been assisting me!!) I've decided to go feminine with a green style :) check this out
I'll be wearing a pair of dark leggins, a long mint green top and a long mint green tunic.
As to accessories I will be using the belt, and a matching necklace and earrings.

Well take care out there - and wish me luck! :)
Love y'all.


fredag den 6. september 2013


I received a blender for my birthday. I decided that today would be the day for me to try it with a refreshing smoothie.

So this is my own recipe for the power-smoothie. The ingredients makes is super-healthy and boost your immune defense to the sky! I must warn you though - it's very spicy!

For 1 1/2 glas (approx 0,70 cl) 

2,5 cm ginger
1/2 lime
1/4 cucumber
1/4 hot, green chili pepper 
1 banana
2 dl apple juice
5-6 ice cubes 
1) cut the ginger, cucumber, the chili pepper and the banana and put it in the blender 
2) cut the lime (obviously after you "peel" it) and put in the blender 
3) add apple juice and ice-cubes
4) start the blender 
5) when all is blended, fill it in a glass
6) enjoy!

It get's a beautiful, green color.

mandag den 3. juni 2013

My first exam as a FLY-baby

As the headline days this is my first exam as a FLY-baby. Now, for all of you who may be thinking: "What is that girl talking about?!" I will shortly explain what it means to be a FLY-baby.

A FLY-baby is a follower of the life style-changing-restructuring-life saving - program called FLY-lady. FLY is an acronym for the words: Finally Loving Yourself.
Basically what the program does is that it helps women (and men) to get their well-being(both physically and mentally) and their home under control by doing small baby-steps one day at a time. I will get back in another blog to tell you more about it. Untill then you can check out FLYladys own website: www.flylady.net

What FLY-lady is doing for me is that it is helping me to get structure in my everyday. It might sound weird, but I sense that it helps me with an holistic view on my life - so that I do not only focus on school, and then everything else doesn't matter - but I am actually able to focus on school AND still have my home and other areas in my life under control .

Tomorrow I will be going to the school to get my subject for the oral exam. Then I have three days to create and hand in an agenda for what I want to talk about during the exam.

Before these exam situation would cause me to feel rather stressed out, like: "Oh no, can I do this, and what about this and that!!! " but this time I developed my own FLY-exam-prep-program :)

I started last Saturday by making an overview over the three days; where I would be, what I would eat etc. it might sound ridiculous to plan all that beforehand, but I found out that it is a good idea of several reasons; first of all when it is planned, I can see how I should go there . Secondly I believe that it will help me to get away from the pit of trashy food that only makes my brain dull!

A thing that is helping me very much is my to-do list! I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT! As my pastor used to say about a to-do list: If you forget, the list remembers! 

So let's take a look on to nights to-do list:

DONE - pack my bag for the day at the library tomorrow
DONE - do my lunch-package ready
DONE - find clothes for tomorrow
DONE - do the dishes and clean the sink (The very first baby-step in FLYlady is to make the kitchen sink clean so it shines at you when you look at it)
DONE - find out when to take the bus tomorrow morning
DONE - upload blog
DONE - pray
- get ready for bed time
- look in the calendar for tomorrow's schedule
- nighty night! <3

So right now, 21:51 local DK-time, I have am Has ready for the day tomorrow as I could be .

Peace to y'all :)

fredag den 31. maj 2013


As said in the update-version I am soon facing two exams, ergo; I am home studying and reading.
I have a law-exam next week, and it is divided into two faces; I have to go to the school mext week to get the subject, and then I have three days to write an agenda on what I want to talk about during the examination. 21th of June I will then go to the actual exam.

So I was thinking: I need to eat proper food! Brain-food! 
I started the day with making a big portion of oatmeal-porridge with half a banana and cinnamon - mmh, yummy! Fortunately it was really foggy outside when I ate my breakfast, which gave me an opportunity to light candlesticks! (I love candlesticks!!)

So to get to the headline I will give the recipe of oatmeal-porridge-pancakes! :)

- the leftovers from the porridge
- 2 eggs
- a little butter to fry the pancakes
(Depending on your sweet-taste you can add sugar or sweetener. You can also add chopped almonds or walnuts to really give your brain a boost. I decided to take the other half of the banana and add it + some grain-cereals )

Stir porridge and egg together - add sweetener and other things
(These pancakes are definitely best as American pancakes, it will also be more natural since the amount of dough isn't so big. But unfortunately I don't have any pan for American pancakes (yet!) so I will make to smaller ones on my big pan)

Fry it on the pan (as you can see I succeeded in making small pancakes. I was just using a tablespoon to create them)
Mmh yummy! 
 In the process of making theseI am listening to Kim Walkers recent cd Still Believe . It is really good, I've added the link here so you can find it if you want to (http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a0QwrzYpJS4) 

Final result! Enjoy :)